The torque tester


OrbisDigital torque tester is very suitable for basic clockwise and counterclockwise torque test.

Manual operation, the maximum size can reach 6 Nm,For most plans to open the cover by hand and cap, its capacity is the ideal choice.

Compared with analog torque device, it provides the data accuracy is much higher, it is a simple and suitable for all kinds of torque application economic and efficient solution.

Orbis digital torque tester device photos manually

A tornadoDigital torque tester is very suitable for testing exert torque on the cover and the cover and remove the torque.

Manual operation of Tornado series there are four models, capacity from 1.5 to 10 NmRange, almost covers all types and size of the cover.

It has the ability of detecting initial bridge torque and torque, making it a test with a tamper-proof seal cover the instrument of choice.

A tornado digital torque tester device photos manually
Orbis manual digital display torque tester
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OrbisDigital display torque tester is applicable to the clockwise and counterclockwise torque test.

Manual operation, the range of 6 Nm,It is the ideal choice to manually unscrew cap test.

Compared with the pointer type torque, it provides more accurate data, the result of the is affordable test solutions of various kinds of torque applications.

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Emperor ™ Software

VectorPro Lite background image and logo screen
On a laptop load Vector of Pro Lite software test screen

VectorPro ® Lite software

AsBOB体育最新下载安装 Mecmesin Orbis, Tornado and AFTI digital force and torque test instrument of optional accessories, VectorPro Lite is advanced data acquisition and graphics software package.

Just BOB体育最新下载安装for your Mecmesin torque meter to choose the appropriate interface cable, can be prepared to use VectorPro Lite features to enhance test.

Advanced data acquisition, and drawing

Laptops VectorPro Lite interface screens

Real-time torque value will be captured and automatically sent to the VectorPro Lite, to map the relationship between Angle of torque and time /.This helps to visually identify the test process through the peak on the instrument screen shows only can't find any events.

In order to help determine whether your samples meet the necessary standards, provides a set of standard, including qualified or unqualified index, can immediately remind operator.

Carried out a statistical analysis on the results of each batch of samples, and then with the graphics into a customizable PDF or CSV test report, for your customer.

The overview


OrbisTorque tester accurate measurement of thread screw cap and components of torque.

Disc assembly four round clamp to adjust the opening, fixed all shapes and sizes of samples.Waterproof grade for IP - 54 standard, is the production line and qc lab for torque test of ideal portable solutions.

A variety of calculating unit (mN) m, Nm, LBF. In, ozf. In, KGF. Cm) measurement, and peak torque value is displayed or real-time mode.Prevent accidental changes the display mode the operator key lock function.

After the completion of the test, the result data through RS232 or digital format to send to the printer or computer, further analysis and generate reports.

Through the charger or battery power supply, no matter you in any place can be used.The weight of the仅为3kg,符合人体工程学的手提式设计,轻松携带。

Orbis affordable and get around the world drink, medicine, cosmetics, automotive and other industries.


TornadoTorque tester based on the function of Orbis, added more important additional functionality.

According to the first peak peak readings, and finally cover (ROPP, for example) in the measurement of guard against theft ring respectively capture two open slip torque and middle-east torque performance indicators.Batch test, handheld can store up to 500 as a result, then transfer to the printer or computer.

Tornado alarm set with five torque range, to ensure that each bottle cap type within the allowed range of torque, and chirp and/or traffic light to remind the operator.

Operators in order to avoid accidental changes measured or operating mode, handheld internal menu set is equipped with password protection lock function.

Product manuals

Digital Torque Testers (Orbis, Tornado) brochure (PDF)Digital Torque Testers (Orbis, Tornado) brochure (PDF)

Key specifications


Measuring range - clockwise and counterclockwise

All measured values from zero to indicate values or specified range
Orbis Tornado
model 6 N.m 1.5 N.m 3 N.m 6 N.m 10 N.m
N.m 6 1.5 3 6 10
LBF. In 50 13 26 50 90
KGF, cm 60 15 30 60 100
The resolution of the
Orbis Tornado
model 6 N.m 1.5 N.m 3 N.m 6 N.m 10 N.m
N.m 0.002 0.0005 0.001 0.002 0.002
LBF. In 0.01 0.002 0.005 0.01 0.02
KGF, cm 0.02 0.005 0.01 0.02 0.02

Orbis and Tornado: for full range of plus or minus 0.5%

Unit of measure

MN. J m, N.c m, Nm, gf. Cm, KGF. Cm, KGF. J m, ozf. In, LBF. In, LBF. Ft

Collection rate

Within the 5000 Hz to 80 Hz or an average of 2000 Hz to catch peak (optional) user

Overload level

150% of full scale



303 mm (w), 127 mm (h), 278 mm (d)

The weight of the

3 kg

The mouth of the clamp diameter
Orbis Tornado
model 6 N.m 1.5 N.m 3 N.m 6 N.m 10 N.m
mm 10-190. 10-78. 10-78. 10-190. 10-190.

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