Torque wrench calibrator

Product image of TWC torque wrench calibrator dedicated manually operated torque wrench tester

TheTWC Torque Wrench Calibratoris is a simple and cost-effective solution for checking the settings on standard 'beam', 'click' and 'break-over' wrenches.

Manually operated and measuring both clockwise and counter-clockwise torque up to 1000 N.mwith RS232 data-output for recording results for each wrench.

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The quality, safety and reliability of a product often depend on how well it is tightened. Fasteners can vibrate loose or the thread can be stripped if they are applied with excessive torque.

Monitoring the tools which apply the torque, is critical to achieving consistency when assembling components.

A torque wrench is designed to deliver a precise torque and should be properly calibrated and maintained on a regular basis to guarantee its best performance.

TheTWC Torque Wrench Calibrator是一个紧凑的数字测试仪器设计measure the torque settings on standard 'beam', 'click' and 'break-over' wrenches.

它可以很容易地谅解备忘录nted on any workbench and the torque sensor features a handy square-drive for connection of common adaptors.

The backlit digital display is easy to read and records both the 'live running torque' and the 'peak torque' in all common units (N.m,, lbf.ft, etc..).

A click wrench is designed to give an audible click and a slight movement when it reaches its pre-set torque limit. It should not be pulled too far by the operator otherwise it will reach a solid point and excessive torque will cause a fastener to be overtightened.

The 'first-peak' function of the TWC allows 'click' and 'break-over' type wrenches to be accurately measured by detecting the torque at which the wrench clicks and slips, even if the operator inadvertently pulls too far.

Effective calibration of a torque wrench usually requires multiple test readings to be taken at various ranges of its capacity, typically 5 times at 20%, 60% and 100%.

Once each test is completed the result can instantly be sent via RS232 to a printer or PC to record the true calibrated setting of the torque wrench.

Product Brochures

Bộ hiệu chỉnh cờ lê mô-men xoắn TWCBộ hiệu chỉnh cờ lê mô-men xoắn TWC
Calibratore chiave dinamometrica TWCCalibratore chiave dinamometrica TWC
Kalibriergerät Drehmomentschlüssel - TWCKalibriergerät Drehmomentschlüssel - TWC
TWC Tork Anahtarı KalibratörüTWC Tork Anahtarı Kalibratörü
TWC Torque Wrench CalibratorTWC Torque Wrench Calibrator
TWC 扭矩扳手校准器TWC 扭矩扳手校准器

Key specs

Measurement range

Torque (clockwise and counter-clockwise)

Available models (all measure from zero to the value indicated in the table below)
Model TWC 1 TWC 2 TWC 3 TWC 4 TWC 5 TWC 6
N.m 15 60 100 150 600 1000
lbf.ft 11 44 72 110 440 720 150 600 1000 1500 6000 10 000

±0.5% of full scale

e.g. TWC 2 has full-scale capacity of 60 N.m so is accurate to ± 0.3 N.m at any point of the range between 0 - 60 N.m


190 mm (w), 200 mm (h), 155 mm (d)

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